Premiere of the outdoor movie "Malishan – Expedition into Taiwan's deepest Canyons“ 溪降馬里桑 台灣首映

  • 2017/04/29(土) 10:00(+0800) ~ 12:00(+0800) ( iCal/Outlook, Google カレンダー )
  • Taipei 光點華山電影館1廳 ( A One ) / 台北市中正區八德路一段1號
  • 210 / 210
  • Dorm1828

It's time for Taiwan. Premiere of canyoning long expedition film
"Malishan – Expedition into Taiwan's deepest Canyons"

溪降馬里桑 -台灣首映場,唯一大螢幕。

Language / english narration with chinese subtitles
英文發音 中文字幕

Taipei 台北場 4/29 10:00AM - Cinema
Cinema SPOT-Huashan 光點華山

Tainan 台南場 4/29 7:00PM -  Outdoor Screening  
Dorm1828 宿舍

這是一個八個隊友,七個國籍的跨國溪降團隊,一起來看身兼隊員與攝影師的德國製片Moritz Sonntag扛著巨大的HD攝影機,拍攝他與隊友在台灣屏東山區深處馬里桑溪流歷經八天的峽谷歷險中,如何克服彼此間的文化差異與語言習慣,在岩稜、急流、深潭與瀑布等壯闊但充滿風險的台灣山林中,帶回過往無人之境的影像。


"Malishan – Expedition into Taiwan's deepest Canyons“ A thrilling documentary about a professional group of internationals that went to Taiwan to open one of the longest Canyoning Descents ever done to date – an 8 day first descent of Malishan River.

In Spring 2016 a group of 8 professional Canyoneers from around the world gathered in Taiwan to set a new milestone in expedition canyoning. After a disappointing start because of unfavourable weather-conditions the team set out for their goal. With very few information from satellite pictures, a rarely updated map and some local scouts the adventure began. After an epic 8 day mission the team successfully returned being the first who have ever achieved an descent that long in their sport. This is their story.

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チケット種別 販売期間 価格
Taipei 台北場 光點華山 AM10:00 2017/04/01 22:00(+0800) ~ 2017/04/29 12:00(+0800) 販売終了
  • TWD$260
Tainan 台南場 Dorm1828 PM7:00 2017/04/01 22:00(+0800) ~ 2017/04/29 12:00(+0800) 販売終了
  • TWD$160
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